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Kayaking at sunset by Gwangelinhael

Feature Fever & The Invisible Challenge

Okay, no wordiness, let's hit the middle... You are already familiar with our Rules Check List that gives the clue about the world and everything... You already know about our Looking for admins...  So, here we go. Oops. Tons of beautiful works! Actually so many that I cannot feature all those I intended to. So, if you're not in, do not despair. It's a strict selection this time. DD winners got the last spaces only, and almost right after that you will find a challenge for the best photographers!

Bunnies of the Month

Nebbia by Cadaverino89 Waiting for Alice by dkokdemir I'm so shy by arefin03


Baby you don't know by Yusik222 DOCKS by getcarter Hope:smoking by grodpro


Need Some Rest by bermek  Alien Revisitation by OlivierAccart  Corridor by hyperetic


1511 by hakuchuumu  The Soldiers of the Colors by LinsenSchuss


Ancient by CommanderEVE Inside the Snail by endegor Twins towers by night by KlaraDrielle


Purpellow by Stella04  Img 8838-1-3 by snomanda  Blue Mason Bee by WildGepard


Here be Giants by Miguel-Santos  Childhood by dukeofspade
142 by tolgatacmahal  hard life by stevenfields


The Last Day of February by FreeForms  Tequila Sunrise by Durdenyr


Crystal by Lileinaya  Present and Past by jarodkearney 
Precious by AmuChiiHinamori Untitled by SpitsinAlexander

Cold and Damp

Forest in winter by iPod23  *** by Fatalv

Classy Cosplay Captures

Sweet psychopath by JeisonRodriguez  wanted by sandaboy  Make Me Love Potion by wormwood-doll

Lines of Wood and Light

The Great Empire by jjflox  Forest Road by mrabanal

Kittehfaces :3

Mysterious by GalaxyPanther  114 by weelx  Madame l'Emmerdeuse by pers-photo


Fien by tiduy  Jacky 36 by nezumi-photography  ....... and (drumroll!) ........

Wow, DD!

Congratulations for this joyful and excellent shot!

Snow by Zolfyer

Writer of this journal, a.k.a. HoremWeb  (me) received a DD, too,
for a work that is already in the group's gallery,
from the haze of past...
World Spiral / A Rifled Metro Station by HoremWeb

Our admins' works:

A view of Philly from a Balloon 200140621 (BW) by TWAFE

Budapest View (Sepia) by HoremWeb 


We challenge you to create brand new images that depict something invisible! Create art, be genial, and present us the wind, the cold, the taste of your favourite wine, the song of the forests or the depth of the love—anything that cannot be seen normally! Send us your brand new deviation to the folder called Invisible Challenge. You don't even have to be a group member to participate!


Make sure that EXIF data is present and intact in your file (see Camera Data on the bottom right of the deviation page), and the shooting date is not earlier than 20th March, 2015.
Name the file to clearly state the theme (e.g. the invisible thing that we should see there) or make meaningful author's comment (description).
Put our beautiful icon on author's comment (description) area and the statement that the artwork is participating in the contest.
The deadline is just enough for the creative mind, it is 1st of May, 2015.
After a pre-selection we give you the possibility to choose your favourite and the winner is the one with the most of the votes of visitors!
Voting ends 15th May, Midnight (CEST), and we announce the winner right after that. 

You may submit two (2) images to the contest folder
, but only the best one will participate on public voting.


The winners will receive special features for a selection of their images (10 for the winner, 5 for second place and 3 for third place) on group's main page and further special features on some selected admins' front pages. And what more, if the winning image will hit the necessary level, we will suggest that for a DD. 
Brace yourselves, spring is coming! ;)

on behalf of Photography World
More Journal Entries

Welcome to Photography World!

:new:To ensure the quality of our galleries your work requires 2 votes to be accepted. The voting process can take a little longer than before because of our busy schedules but please be patient :) We only want to make sure that what gets to your messages is of good quality.:new:

Our beautiful group ID made by the lovely TwistedHearts :clap:
♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣
It's my pleasure to welcome you all to Photography World! Anyone who loves photography is free to join. Photography World is all about photography so photographers unite!...

Thank you for stopping by and do enjoy your stay! :love:

:pointr: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletred:GROUP RULES:bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :pointl:

You can find ALL the INFO you need about the GROUP'S RULES & HOW TO's by clicking the link above! :above:

If you wish to receive an explanation, note the group and we will look into it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we are also people and have lives to live not only to sit in front of the computer. I trust you will understand and if you have something to say, please send us a note.
Thank you!

Lil girl by OlivierAccart It Was My Desire by Bizartistique With wind and light I was fed by OlivierAccart

St Peter's Basilica by Cluke111 Kellie Greaves - Refracted... by WillCook :thumb363831819:

Ufo by jussta a new begin... by Iulian-dA-gallery Catch your dreams by AlliDzi

New York City by Durdenyr

Photographyworld Reorganisation

:new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new:

Hello dear members of Photographyworld

although this is a group with a large amount of members, there's just a tiny team of admins and no founder active for a long time.

THE REQUIRED VOTES HAVE CHANGED INTO 2 instead of the 3 we had before. The waiting time for you should not be too long but we strive to decide on your submission within 4 days. Please have some patience :)

Please be aware to submit only your best and also do not make the mistake to submit into the wrong folder ;) We do notify you most of the times when you have submitted into the wrong folder but in order to create a better group we do not have the time for this actually.

New Featured Artist ideas and journal features are being worked on.

Thanks for your patience and we hope to see the best of your work :D

Thanks for your understanding!

Marit, co-founder of PhotographyWorld
May 10th, 2013

Random from Favourites



dALinkSystem is a Group dedicated towards increasing artists exposure by helping others and themselves through a simple and effective "Linking" system. The idea:

"Link another artists submission in your artist's comment box. It helps everyone's exposure and finds undiscovered art."


♣ The Link System was originated by TheFulkrum in May of 2009. What began with a few "Linkers" has grown into a large "Linkers Community" of caring deviants who utilize The Link System to help increase their exposure while helping others.

:trophy: DD winner :trophy:

The Link System User's Guide by TheFulkrum

♣ Watch the video tutorials here: Speed-Linking-Video-Tutorial How-to-Link-Tutorial or read the user manual here dALinkSystem-User-Manual

♣ If you have any questions TLS related please send them to dALinkSystem ( TLS stands for The Link System)

:icondevlinkplz: :icondevlinkplz: :icondevlinkplz:



Active Members


♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣
Please go to the next page too...we have more affiliates there...:D

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣


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HoremWeb Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Before anyone misinterpret the last comments: we are up and high and working! The expired artworks divided the admins and cannot reach definite decision in time, but this doesn't means that the group is abandoned or ceised its work. See our journal up there ;)
(If you want to help us to avoid such situations, you may want to consider to join us as admin. See the journal again for the details ;) )
adrienne-paynter Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
My submission expired :/
(2 Replies)
Usagi-Atemu-Tom Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Uhm, I'm a bit confused. I've submitted a photo for your gallery a long time ago and now I received the message, that the request was expired. Does that mean you didn't want the photo or what is going on?

The photo I meant is this one here:…

Can I try again or is there another option how to treat the problem?

Best wishes
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Hidden by Owner
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